Master of All-terrains; Buller Continues Podium Streak

24 May 2016
24 May 2016 Adam McGreevy

Banbridge CC is known not just for it’s consistent success with young riders but many of those are also known for their diversity in cycling disciplines.  1st year junior rider  John Buller is the latest in that trend and his recent results demonstrate his ability to switch between road and off-road with ease; of his 4 last events on Irish soil , during the last 3 weeks, Buller has managed to step upon the podium on every occasion.  To add to that, the podium results were for a road race on the Saturday and an XC Mountain bike event on the Sunday. In Richill 3 weeks ago he managed an excellent 2nd place among A2 elite riders and was first junior at the Groucho GP, missing out on victory by the narrowest of margins.  The following day he managed another 2nd place at the Ulster XC league in Ballykelly.  The following weekend he would be performing in the colours of Cycling Ulster in North Yorkshire at Dalby Farm where he would secure an excellent 8th place among the best junior off road riders the UK has to offer.

John Buller’s cycling roots are mostly off-road based, but his skills are clearly transferable to other disciplines as demonstrated in his consistent results in 2016. (Photo – Paul Hannigan)

Fast forward another week and last weekend’s West Down GP in Katesbridge would see young Buller in the break of the day, again alongside established A2 elite riders, and making it to the finish to contest the sprint.  He finished in 2nd place as part of a small group of 4 riders who had pushed clear of the main break of the day.  The flowing day he would again throw his leg over the wider tyres of his mountain bike to compete in the Irish XC National Points Series which was being hosted locally in Belfast.  National Junior Cyclo Cross Champion David Conroy would deny Buller victory on this occasion and he would have to be satisfied with yet another 2nd place.

Buller isn’t shy to a bit of work when required and has a knack of making a break stick. (Photo – Belgian Project)

With all important school exams looming on the horizon the bike may need to take a back seat for a few months while the young Banbridge cyclist focuses on the books – much to the disappointment of many selectors who have had the multi-disciplined junior on their wish list for upcoming events.  Time is on John Buller’s side however, and having only competed in the junior rankings for less than 5 months his consistency and diversity will stand him in good stead when he returns for the latter half of the season when he will be hoping to visit the top step of the podium a bit more often.


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