Emergency Mini iD Tags for all Banbridge CC members

13 September 2017
13 September 2017 Adam McGreevy

Emergency ID is something Banbridge CC have always encouraged their members, and all cyclists, to carry on their person while enjoying the favorite past time.  We’ve previously given advice on the various ICE products and solutions available, but now we’ve gone one step further – so long as you’re a Banbridge CC member, we’re buying one (or rather 3) for you!

Having looked at the many, many, available products we settled on OneLife iD Club Member Emergency ID Tags.

What is a OneLife Mini iD Tag?

The tags are a small PVC multi-function personal ID tag that are convenient and versatile with your choice of emergency contact and/or medical information; attach the tags to keys, bags, kit, your bike or clothing as a medical, emergency ID or luggage tag.  You can find more info on the tags here: OneLife Club Member iD Tags.

Each member will receive a set of 3 Banbridge CC branded Mini iD Tags.  Mini iD Tags are sized one third of a credit card and will also include a unique web address which links to your updatable online ID profile. 

Each ‘member bundle’ includes your 3 x Mini iD Tags, an online ID profile for extra info, an ICE alert sticker and a mobile phone emergency screen.

What do I need to do?

The next bit of good news is that you’ve already started! 

As part of your membership with Cycling Ireland you have already submitted details for emergency contacts (name & number) which we have been able to download and collate. If you haven’t already received one by now, you can expect an email from Aaron Wallace confirming the details currently held for you on the CI database. 

It is important you review and confirm these personal details as we will be ordering your new Mini iD Tag bundle based in this information in the coming weeks.

When do I need to do it?

Please confirm any changes needed to your contact details or your emergency contact details with Aaron by email no later than Monday 25th September.  

Details of any personal medical info or allergies you wish to include on your Mini iD Tags can be accommodated (in less than 31 characters) and will also need to be submitted by this date.

A non-response will assume that the details held for you are correct and your new Mini iD Tag set will be ordered, printed and dispatched using these details.

If you have any further queries regarding the tags feel free to drop Aaron a note via email; aarwallace@gmail.com

Safe Cycling!


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