7 November 2019 Adam McGreevy

Following the Club’s 2019 AGM on Tuesday 5th November the below Office Bearers were voted into position by the attending membership.  Massive thanks to all those who fulfilled roles for 2019 and the very best of luck and success to the incoming Office Bearers and Committee Members.

  • President; Willie Weir *

  • Chairman; Maurice Mayne *

  • Vice Chairman; Aaron Wallace *

  • Club Secretary; Mark Kendall *

  • Asst Club Secretary; Toni Hannigan

  • Treasurer; James MacMahon *

  • Safeguarding Officers; Patrick McAleavey & Toni Hannigan *

  • Press/Public Relations Officer; Toni Hannigan *

  • Club Coaches; Neil Teggart & Gerry Beggs *

  • MTB Organiser; Garth McKee *

  • Asst MTB Organiser; Maurice Mayne

  • Open Race Secretary; Aaron Wallace *

  • Club Race Secretary; Toni Hannigan *

  • Club Race Handicapper; Peter McBride

  • Timekeeping Coordinator; Willie Weir

  • Touring Captain; Brian Cairns

  • Curator of Trophies; Christina Towell

  • Web Master; Peadar Curran

  • Club Clothing Officer; Brian Curran


*In addition to the above principal Office Bearers the below additional Committee Members have also been elected by the membership;

Simon Curry, Paul Hannigan, Brian Cairns, Christina Towell, Nigel McCullough, Steven Curran, Martin Fitzpatrick

Open Race Committee; Aaron Wallace, Toni Hannigan, Paul Hannigan, Brian Cairns, Steven Curran, Neil Teggart, Christina Towell, James MacMahon, Willie Weir, Gerry Beggs


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