COVID-19 Response Information Update 22/05/20; Guidance Update

22 May 2020
22 May 2020 Adam McGreevy

We hope you are all well.

This is an update to the previous communication we have shared since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

The Banbridge CC committee had a conference call last night, 21/05/20, (new ways of working and all that) and discussed the current situation and advice and guidance that is being provided both from Government level and Official Cycling governing bodies, Cycling Ireland and Cycling Ulster which we have included further down.

Firstly, this has been a very difficult time for everyone. The ability to get on the bike, either on the turbo or on the road/off road, has been a welcome relief. The committee would like to thank all members for adhering to the guidance to date on solo riding, as we understand this is not the normal and removes the social aspect that we all love and cherish.

Like most cyclists, we’ve been watching and listening to the the news looking for hopeful signs and indicators of a return to group riding. 

Reading the advice of the NI Assembly (…/coronavirus-recovery-plan) and the Irish government (…/ad5dd0-easing-the-covid-19-restrictio…/), which are now largely in sync with each other, it’s clear that there will be no return to group rides or social events in the immediate future.

There are longer-term indicators that there may be a resumption of limited events and easing of restrictions if the infection rate is kept under control.

This Cycling Ireland document is the best source of cycling-related information currently available – they’ve drawn together information from both sides of the border to present a cycling road-map based on current data (subject to change!)…/cycling%20ireland%20roadmap%…

We urge patience and caution to our members in all activities that may involve people not in their immediate household. 

Cycling Ireland will clarify their advice so recommend you keep an eye on their News posts online (

Banbridge CC club advice remains SOLO RIDES ONLY or with members of your immediate household.

We are keeping this under regular review and look forward to letting you know of any improvement to this advice in due course.

Keep safe


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