2 Up TT – Start Times – Wednesday 19th August 2020.

18 August 2020
18 August 2020 Adam McGreevy

This event starts on the Rarhfriland Road and finishes on the Castlewellan Road.

If you are driving to the event please use the  Car park at Tesco or park & ride on the Rathfriland Rd and come to the start line a few minutes before your allocated time.You will be given an armband with a number on it at the start line.

Road bikes only for permitted for this event. No congregating at start/finish area, times will be posted online later in the evening. Please observe our Covid 19 protocols at all times.

6.30 pm Paul Hannigan/Malcolm Jenkins (BCC)

6.31 pm Ruth McKee/Nigel McCullough (BCC)

6.32 pm Wendy Macauley/Philip Carson( TVR)

6.33 pm Martin Fitzpatrick/Neil McAlisterBCC)

6.34 pm Chris Burns/Brian Hannon(BCC)

6.35 pm Aidan McGinley/Jonathan Waddell(TVR)

6.36 pm Chris Neil/Paul Antoine Hagan (BCC)

6.37 pm Marcus McNeill/JP Rice(BCC)

6.38 pm James MacMahon/David Ross(BCC)

6.39 pm David McKnight/Connor McAlorum(TVR)

6.40 pm Aaron Parkes/Ronan Kennedy(BCC)

6.41 pm Emily Roberts/Karen Baines(TVR)

6.42 pm Mark Kendall/Dan Purdy(BCC)

6.43 pm James Dane/Neil Seffen(VCI)

6.44 pm Stephen Fitzsimmons/Richard McBride(BCC)

6.45 pm John Buller/Matthew Teggart(BCC)

6.46 pm Trevor Wright/Gavin Magowan(CCC&DCC)

6.47 pm Steven Buchanan/Paddy Magennis(TVR)

6.48 pm Noel Doyle/AaronBaines(TVR)

6.49 pm Gareth McKee/Johnny McRoberts(BCC)

6.50 pm Brian Roberts/Stephen Baines(TVR)

6.51 pm David White/Sean Hurley(TVR)

6.52 pm Tommy Evans/Russell White(BCC)


Banbridge Cycling Club cater for cyclists at all levels, representing all disciplines of the sport, should you require any more information on the club, Contact Us below.