Start Times – 10 Mile TT at Warrenpoint 26th August 2020.

25 August 2020
25 August 2020 Adam McGreevy

***Please note start time has been changed to 6.45 to allow for people travelling***

This event starts in Warrenpoint down the carriageway turning at Greenbank Ind estate Roundabout and back down finishing in Warrenpoint again.

Please use car park in or near Warrenpoint and cycle to the start, there will be no parking facilities at the start/finish area .

Assemble at start area no more than 5 mins before your start time.No congregating at start/finish area, times will be posted online later in the evening. Please observe our Covid 19 protocols at all times.

Please ensure you have a working rear light.

1) 6.45 pm BCC Team 1 – P. Hannigan/R. McKee/M. Jenkins/R. McKee

2) 6.46 pm BCC Team 2 – M. Fitzpatrick/M. Kendall/D. Purdy/N. McAllister

3) 6.47 pm CCC Team 1 – T. Wright/T. Martin/C. McGready/T. Beattie

4) 6.48 pm NWCC Team 1 – L. Farrell/L. Garvey/G. O’Reilly/N. Carter

5) 6.49pm  BCC Team 3 – J. MacMahon/S Fitzsimmons/ R. McBride/P. McBride

6) 6.50 pm VCI Team 1 – N. Seffen/J. Dane/J. Davidson/S. Hanna

7) 6.51 pm TVR Team 1 – J. Mitchell/W. Macauley/C. McDowell/F. McCallister

8) 6.52 pm BCC Team 4 -N. McCullough/M. McNeill/B. Hannon/JP Rice

9) 6.53 pm TVR Team 2 – P. Carson/E. Roberts/J. Waddell/S. Hurley

10) 6.54 pm BCC Team 5 – G. McKee/A. Parks/J. McRoberts/R. Kennedy

11) 6.55 pm TVR Team 3 -B. Roberts/N. Doyle/S. Buchanan/P. Smith

12) 6.56 pm TVR Team 4- E. Roberts/P. Magennis/S. Toman/K. Baines

13) 6.57 pm NWCC Team 2 -C. Havern/A.M Featherstone/R. McGivern/G. Skirmantas

14) 6.58 pm TVR Team 5-A. Baines/D. McKnight/S. Baines/C. McAlorum

Thank You




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