Start times for Gerry Beggs Trophy Hill Climb, Cull’s Hill Dromore.

8 September 2020
8 September 2020 Adam McGreevy

7.00 pm Luke Nicholl

7.01 pm Richard Nicholl

7.02 pm Ruth McKee

7.03 pm Chris Burns

7.04 pm Matthew McAlister

7.05 pm Darren Garvie (V)

7.06 pm JP Rice

7.07 pm Brian Hannon

7.08 pm Martin Fitzpatrick Neil McAlister

7.10 pm Mark Kendall

7.11 pm James MacMahon Gary Balchin

7.13 pm Gareth Rogers (V) Stephen Fitzsimmons 

7.15 pm Paul-Antoine Hagan Gavin Magowan (V)

7.17 pm John Buller 

7.18 pm Martin Duffy

7.19 pm Nigel McCullough

7.20 pm Stephen Hanna (V)

7.21 pm Johnny McRoberts

Thank you Toni (Club Race Secretary).



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