Banbridge ‘Aul Boys’ Flying High on Team IRL.

21 November 2020
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21 November 2020 Adam McGreevy

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We continue our feature posts telling the story of some of the teams racing under the Team IRL Cycling banner in the massive WTRL Zwift Racing League.

Banbridge Aul Boys are holding their own, mid table in EMEA West 2 DIVISION 3B. The team of old codgers, as the name suggests, consists of some of County Down’s finest Lycra clad reprobates captained by Peter Pedro Pete McBride.

Pete Mcbride – Banbridge Aul Boys

Pete is a versatile rider equally comfortable on the climbs as he is on the flats. If your talking to him he might mention he has the “tron bike” and on discord with the sound off you would be mistaken the faces his pulling if he’s on the bike or singing opera.

Richard Mcbride – Banbridge Aul Boys

Richy is one of the big cogs in the Aul Boys team. Super strong climber and extremely fit. He tries to encourage his teammates if they’re getting it tight by telling them to harden up ta zwift.

Aaron Parks – Banbridge Aul Boys

The pocket rocket, Aaron is a power house and has had so great results this season on zwift. It’s a good job this man makes sheds for a living for the amount of sprinting he does his current one might need replacing.

Marty Fitzpatrick – Banbridge Aul Boys

Marty is the sprint specialist of the team and was sitting well on general classification until he got an upgrade to the B category. Marty uses the wahoo climber and he said his first race was like being on the “Big Dipper” at Barry’s in Portrush. As Marty says “never look back”

Philip Loughran – Banbridge Aul Boys

Philip is a strong rider who is rarely under 300 Watts. A hard wheel to hold but will take his foot of the gas to get his team mate up the climbs. Still needs to sort out discord as he’s cycling upside down.

Jonnie Simms – Banbridge Aul Boys

The Welsh wizard is a late edition to the team but as the saying goes saving the best to last. Jonnie is super strong and if he’s not cooking up a storm on zwift he’s cooking up one in the kitchen.




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