‘One Gear Full Beer’ hits the Team IRL Profile….

21 November 2020
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21 November 2020 Adam McGreevy

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We continue our feature posts telling the story of some of the teams racing under the Team IRL Cycling banner in the massive WTRL Zwift Racing League.

Banbridge Cycling Club’s “One Gear Full Beer” are in EMEA West 2 Division 2B and propping up the table after 6 rounds. Things can only get better as D:ream once sung!

Martin Duffy – One Gear Full Beer

Martin is team manger of One Gear and as his team name suggests he can push a big gear and drink plenty of beer. Marty is known for being a downhill specialist and gives 100% in every race. Just don’t mention the lantern rouge!!

David Ross – One Gear Full Beer

The glamour boy of One Gear Daves’ avatar could be on Milan catwalk never mind the Giro. A super strong TT specialist who gives 100% every ride.

JP Rice – One Gear Full Beer

JP is the engine room of One Gear and he’s going full gas. He’s produced some great performances to date and works very hard for his team. He’s 6ft plus but yet in discord we can only see the top of his head.

David Graham – One Gear Full Beer

Dave is the brains of the operation. His tactics are always on point and he usually has done a recon of the circuit. He can dish out the pain with the rest of them and his avatar is easily spotted with his long dreadlocks.

Best of luck to One Gear Full Beer team as they battle to survive the drop!


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