27 April 2021 Adam McGreevy

Event 1 – 28th April 20201 @7pm
MAC Cup 2up’s R1 – Rathfriland Road 10 Mile

Parking is at the park and ride on the Rathfriland Road and the start is on the Rathfriland Road, Banbridge at the fly over. 

The event is being held in line with current COVID-19 restrictions.

Please see the start times below.

7.00pm Ruth McKee/Julie Lilley

7.01pm Paul Hannigan/ Malcolm Jenkins

7.02pm Richard Nicholl

7.03pm David Graham/Jon Shepherd

7.04pm Martin Duffy/JP Rice

7.05pm Trevor Wright/John Ervine (V)

7.06pm Philip Loughlin/David Ross

7.07pm James Gillespie/Brian Wilson

7.08pm Martin Fitzpatrick/Neil McAllister

7.09pm Simon Curry/Dan Purdy

7.10pm Sammy Foster/David Dougan (V)

7.11pm Aaron Parkes/Richard McBride

7.12pm James MacMahon/Peter McBride

7.13pm Justin Bloomer/Ronan Bloomer (V)

7.14pm Stephen Fitzsimmons/Erwin McKee

7.15pm Paul-Antoine Hagan/James Curry (V)

7.16pm Kevin McKinney/David Connor (V)

7.17pm Gareth McKee/Johnny McRoberts


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