Merchants of Speed: Paul Antoine Hagan

12 April 2023
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12 April 2023 Aaron Wallace

As we continue the series on TT riders, we turn our attention to Paul Antoine Hagan.  This young man has certainly made a name for himself in recent times in both Time Trialling and Road Racing.  He has competed successfully at events locally, nationally and internationally in the colours of Banbridge.  A graduate of The Belgian Project he spent some time last season competing in, you guessed it, Belgium.  And with family hailing from France he is a regular competing there when on holiday.  Paul is definitely built for speed and one to watch out for in the season ahead.

Time Trialling Since: Started cycling in 2017 and have been competing in TT’s for the last three years.

Tell us about your TT rig setup!  What ya riding?

Vitus Auro with a Zipp 808 front wheel, Corima disc both shod in Vittoria Corsa Speed rubber.  Sram Red eTap gears including a Rotor Flow power meter crank.  Chain ring is a 56t D2Z chainring (Anyone else not understand all that?  Sounds expensive to me!)

What is your helmet of choice?  Have you splashed out (or would you) on one of the new space age aero concepts that are starting appear on the scene?

Bell Javelin – can’t go wrong with that!  No space age helmet although if the numbers stack up and its aero enough, I might consider one.

Favourite TT Course and why?

Fusco Cup Course.  Paul deems this a proper TT course that includes a bit of everything.  Long drags, descents, corners and crosswinds. (Sounds like a road race circuit to me).

Favourite TT Distance

15 miles.

Personal Best Time for a 10?


Have you got any TT bling in the trophy cabinet?  If so what have you got?

Fusco Cup x 2!  (Ah that explains the Favourite Course comments. 😊)

What are your goals for the 2023 season?

Targeting a sub 19.30 for the season.

Do you have any speed tips you’d like to share with your fellow testers?

Always keep your tips a secret! Sssshhhh!

The all-important final question.  Shaved legs, yes or No?  Yes

Whilst road racing tends to be the main focus for Paul it is always exciting to see him competing in Time Trails.  Given the right weather conditions on the right course I see no reason what that season goal of a sub 19.30 can’t be achieved.  Best of luck for the season ahead Paul.


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