Merchants of Speed: Marcus Christie

14 April 2023
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14 April 2023 Aaron Wallace

Merchants of Speed – Marcus Christie

It would be impossible to run this series and not mention Marcus.  A quiet unassuming individual Marcus tends to let his cycling, and in particular Time Trailing, do the talking.  Speed is his only priority once he slips on the skinsuit and helmet.  Like the rest of us though he is always working on ways to shave even a few seconds off that overall time.

Time Trialling Since: Cycling since I was 18 and time trialling seriously for the last 10 or so years.

Tell us about your TT rig setup!  An ex-Bradley Wiggins Pinarello Bolide frame.  Custom fit carbon cockpit and a few other trick bits!

What is your helmet of choice?  Have you splashed out (or would you) on one of the new space age aero concepts that are starting to appear on the scene?

Having tried most of the aero helmets around I am currently using a Met.  It suits my body position on the bike.  When it comes to the new space age helmets Marcus answers with a smile – Yeah I’d try one if someone was prepared to buy it for me!

Favourite TT Course and why?

Another vote for Woodgreen.  It’s an honest course, generally quite safe.  It’s sheltered and most importantly I have lots of happy memories from there.

Favourite TT Distance

Anything from 10,25,50 all the way up to 100 miles.  A TT is a TT!

Personal Best Time for a 10?

17.52 – (yes you did read that correctly folks – 17.52)

Have you got any TT bling in the trophy cabinet?  If so, what have you got?

Highlights from Marcus’ role of honour include being an Elite National TT Championships Silver Medal (once) and Bronze Medal (twice) winner.  Holding National records at 25, 50 and 100 miles.  His talents also got him selected to represent Ireland at the UCI World Championships and Northern Ireland in the Commonwealth Games in 2018 held in Australia’s Gold Coast where he finished 7th.  Last season in the colours of Banbridge CC he won the National Points Series title and The Ernie Magwood Super Six crown.

What are your goals for the 2023 season?

Main goal this season if to have a good showing at the National Elite TT Championships.

Do you have any speed tips you’d like to share with your fellow testers?

Learn to pace yourself and don’t over rely on the numbers!  Feel it.

The all-important final question.  Shaved legs, yes, or no?


Marcus is currently based in Mallorca and spends much of his time leading group rides.  It’s a tough gig but someone’s got to do it.  We can’t wait to see Marcus back here competing in the colours of Banbridge.  Best of luck for the coming season Marcus.


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