Merchants of Speed: Martin Duffy

16 April 2023
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16 April 2023 Aaron Wallace

Time Trialing Since: Started cycling 7 years ago and have participated in club events from the start.  Over the last couple of years, I’ve focused more on TT’s.

Tell us about your TT rig setup!  I pilot a Felt DA2 model with Di2 electronic shifting, Zipp rear disc wheel (newly acquired).  Also fitted is a 4iiii power meter.  The bike has been resprayed for this season by Chris Custom Design and had a nut and bolt rebuild by The Gilford Bicycle Surgeon David Ross.

What is your helmet of choice?  Switched to an ex-Erwin McKee Giro Aerohead last season.  Which for me was a fairly radical move.  Not sure I could stand the merciless ribbing I’d get from my daughters though if I was to splash out on one of the new extreme looking helmets.

Favourite TT Course and why?

Its hard to look past The Frosses or Woodgreen.  Although I did particularly like the course used for Round 3 of the National Points Series in Wicklow last year.  It was run over a 21-mile distance on a fast-flowing course.  Having done it once I’d like to visit it again.

Favourite TT Distance

10 miles.

Personal Best Time for a 10?


Have you got any TT bling in the trophy cabinet?  If so, what have you got?

I’ve collected a couple of club trophies including the Mac Cup 2up Series paired with Nigel McCullough.  Current holder of the George Lutton Cup which I also won in 2021.

What are your goals for the 2023 season?

To compete in all rounds of The Ernie Magwood Super Six Series and to encourage more members in the club to participate in TT’s.  Push for the treble with the George Lutton Cup.  Also….is a 22 for a 10 too much to ask for?

Do you have any speed tips you’d like to share with your fellow testers?

Looking at the PB’s of the other riders in this series I don’t think I’m best placed to be handing out advice.  The only thing I would say is always make the effort to thank the organisers, officials and photographers at events.  Without them we’d not have our fun.

The all-important final question.  Shaved legs, yes, or no?

I never thought I’d see the day!  But last year I took the plunge and haven’t looked back.  My good friend Paul Wilcox – who I blame entirely for my taste in expensive bikes – has been telling me for years to shave my legs!  You got your way in the end Paul!


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