Peloton People: Stephen ‘Fitzy’ Fitsimmons

5 May 2023
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5 May 2023 Aaron Wallace


Following off the back of our popular ‘Merchants of Speed’ series, it’s the turn of the road racers for our new ‘Peloton People’ series.  First up, we’re delighted to introduce Stephen ‘Fitzy’ Fitzsimmons.  A popular figure within the club Fitzy is a regular in the Open racing scene.

How long have you been racing?

7 years

What ya riding?

Recently acquired a new Dolan Ares.  This is a super piece of kit and I am looking forward to adding some upgrades in particular a set of racing wheels.

What type of racer are you?  Climber, Sprinter, Rouleur?  And what category of racing licence do you hold?

I suppose I would have to class myself as a sprinter – as I can hardly climb out of bed never mind hills!  Last year following a few good results I managed to progress to the ranks of A2.  It have been an eye opener and the jump in performance levels required to race at this level high.  That said I am enjoying the racing and the hurt!

We are blessed with fantastic roads and have a healthy club racing scene.  What is your favourite club circuit and why?

The Kinallen circuit is a fabulous circuit with a bit of everything in it.  Interclub races around it are always exciting and competitive.  Had the Gilford circuit still been in use I would have said it – as that’s where I claimed my first ever victory.

What races or events are on your bucket list that you’d like to ride?

I would definitely like to give the Gorey 3 Day event a rattle.  I’ve heard good reports about if from other members of the club that have raced it.

Racing accolades / achievements to date.

Fitzy left this question blank – perhaps his modesty prevented him from answering.  However I’d say holding an A2 racing licence is a fairly good achievement.

Which cyclist inspires you – past or present?  And why?

Unable to focus in on any one individual because we have so many great cyclists in the club – past and present.  So I’d have to say they all provide inspiration to me.

What does your training regime consist of?  What are your goals for 2023

I train 5 days to a week on a fairly tight schedule.  In terms of goals for 2023 it is to make sure I give my best in every race I compete in

If you could combine three strengths from other riders in the club to make you the complete rider – what would they be (you must name the riders).

Combining all the skills of Mathew Teggart, John Buller and Mark Downey would surely be enough to make you fairly invincible! Oh and I’d like to be on Ritchie McBride’s bike now that its got a new DRS hole in it! Lol!

Cycling is always evolving as is racing.  Tell me one thing you would change in relation to Open racing to make it better.

Similar comments to previous replies – spreading the Open races out across the summer season would be good.


Thanks Fitzy for taking the time to participate in the series.  Best of luck for the coming season.  Ride hard and stay safe.


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