Merchants of Speed: Philip Loughlin

6 July 2023
6 July 2023 Aaron Wallace

Philip Loughlin – A late edition to the series.  Philip is very much the quiet man of the clubs group of TT riders.  He rocks up does his stuff and more often than not slips away without any fuss.  What people do take notice of however is his performances.  A very strong tester indeed.

Time Trailing Since:

Philip has been cycling for over thirty years.  It is only in the last few years though that he has concentrated more on the specialism of time trialling.

Tell us about your TT rig setup:

Currently riding a Cervelo P3.  The bike is kitted out with Shimano Ultegra Di2 and Q Rings – 56/42.  Wheels are Fast Forward and the cockpit is a semi-custom Aero Coach build.

What is your helmet of choice?  Have you splashed out (or would you) on one of the new space age aero concepts that are starting to appear on the scene?

My helmet is a Met Codatronca.  No word from Philip on the new space age aero concept helmets – but my money says he wouldn’t rule one out once there is a bit more data to back up the sales pitch!

Favourite TT Course and why?

Warrenpoint Carriageway – reputedly the fastest 10 around.

Favourite TT Distance

10 miles

Personal Best Time for a 10?

20.59 (told you he was a strong competitor!)

Have you got any TT bling in the trophy cabinet?  If so, what have you got? 

In the cupboard somewhere there are a few M50 medals.  Hopefully I can add to the tally this coming season.  Although it looks like there will be some fairly stiff competition from within the club never mind outside it.

What are your goals for the 2023 season?

Philip didn’t set out with any goals for the coming season.  A fairly busy run of events last year left him tired and washed out.  However, a winter of rest and moderate training coupled with some good early season times means he’s revised his plans and is aiming for a time well under the 21 minute barrier – having previously clocked 20.59.

Do you have any speed tips you’d like to share with your fellow testers?

All I would say is don’t start in the red zone.  Feel your way into the TT and ramp up accordingly.

The all-important final question.  Shaved legs, yes, or no?



Cheers Philip.  Thanks for taking the time to answer the questions.  Hopefully you can attain that goal you have set yourself.  Continue on with your early season form and I’d say you have every opportunity of hitting it.


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